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Skin Care Product | Basic Lineup

This simple care is the best ever!

Easy 5 steps Head to Toe!

Pure Shampoo (Non-silicone)

Non-silicone shampoo to increase the vitality of scalp. 
"Firmness and stiffness of scalp"

A hair-friendly amino acid-based shampoo that gives brilliance and 
strength to each hair and helps to improve the hair growth environment.  
Promotes and enhances metabolism and sustains soft and firm hair.

Shampoo based on a weakly acidic amino acid-based cleaning component (Cocoylglutamate K,
Cocoylalanine TEA) that removes strong stains without burdening the hair. With a daily shampoo, the scalp environment is promptly adjusted without damaging the hair, and it leads to a supple hair that is full of elasticity and smooth. The product contains hydrolysed keratin that penetrates, absorbs and protects damaged hair by various stress, and extracts with protection from the immune system and metabolism of the scalp, and leads to a hair filled with healthy elasticity. In addition, KGF, Capixil, EGF, IGF-like peptide, which promotes hair growth stronglyby penetration type fine particle collagen and cell activity that gives moisture andplenty of moisture to hair and ground, gives freshness and volume to hair by the function of FGF-like peptide and overflows to stiffness. Furthermore, chamomile flower extract, yellowfin bark extract, semenburi extract with excellent anti-inflammatory, skin roughening and blood circulation promoting functions, it protects the scalp firmly while keeping the condition of hair and skin.

Emollient Conditioner

Conditioner to protect and care for hair and scalp.
"Moisture, gloss, and hair growth environment”

Conditioner brings up a shiny hair that is covered and protected with a veil of 
moisture. Nourishes the hair and scalp and quickly prepares rough cuticles.

A conditioner that leads to supple and shiny hair while protecting hair and scalp with plenty of moisture and at the same time protecting it from various stresses. The heat is applied to form a film to 
smooth  the hair, and the various cuticles are treated with various stress to adjust the cuticle, and the chitosan that brings the smooth texture to the hair is blended to lead to a healthy and elastic hair.
In addition, it contains two types of hyaluronic acid, two types of polyglutamic acid, and osmotic type fine particle collagen, and it protects the hair and scalp firmly with a veil of moisture and leads to
good soft hair as a comb. In addition, it penetrates, absorbs and protects damaged parts of hair by 
various stresses and hydrolysed keratin which protects and protects the immune system and
metabolism of the scalp, and KGF which strongly promotes hair growth and hair growth by cell
activity and capixil, EGF, IGF-like peptide, FGF-like peptide, and gives the hair freshness
and rich volume to give the hair a healthy firmness and stiffness.

Body Treatment Soap

Refreshing body, fresh skin texture, and  firming.
“Body odor, sagging tightness”

Multifunctional tightening body soap that cleans and sharpens the body line by
firmly removing dirt and unpleasant odor that you do not want to leave.

A multi-functional body soap that tightens the skin powerfully and leads it to the ideal body line while firmly removing the old dirt and smell of the body. The lipolytic action of Meriloto Extract, Sverton Neal, and Algae Extract cleanses the old stains while tightening the skin beautifully and sharpens the
body line. In addition, silver nanocolloid with excellent antibacterial action, thymus vulgaris flower /
leaf extract, and α-glucan oligosaccharide that maintains healthy balance of ecosystem on skin keep
your skin clean and remove body odors. Furthermore, penetration type fine particle collagen,
hyaluronic acid Na, polyglutamic acid, which has excellent moisturizing effect, gives fresh moisture,
and at the same time, panthenol (provitamin B5), bosenka extract disordered skin condition quickly
leads the disordered skin condition to a normal condition, leading to a fine texture of the skin.

Crystal Hair Essense

 Protect firmly from scalp stress, rich in hair texture and volume! 
"Hair loss prevention, hair cycle normalization"

High-grade hair essence for beautiful hair and scalp that smoothes the fingers
and smoothens the scalp environment to create shiny hair quickly.

Capixil containing a kind of isoflavone called biochanin A to suppress hair
loss and maintain a hair follicle structure and acetyl tetrapeptide-3 to
improve the hair growth environment, as well as cervix extract to promote
circulation and cell activity of the skin. Hair essence that firmly supports the scalp that is the basis of creating beautiful hair. Enhance immunity, promote scalp metabolism and adjust hair smoothly Osmotic fine particle collagen, which has excellent moisturizing ability, with winter caterpillar extract. The 
brown alga extract covers the hair with a moist veil and leads to a smooth,
fine-gloss hair as per the finger. Furthermore, KGF (hair growth promoting
factor), EGF excellent in cell growth and regeneration, IGF-like peptide, and FGF-like peptide promote activation of hair-growing cells and, at the same
time, from botanical extract, hydrangea leaf / stem extract, Hybodaiju
flower extract as plant complex components lead to the normal state of the hair
cycle that is essential for maintaining a rich hair volume. In addition, coenzyme
Q10 excellent in oxidation control and plant extract excellent in anti-inflammatory action
are abundantly blended to give the power to generate a healthy and beautiful hair by
quickly adjusting the scalp environment that tends to be disturbed by various stresses.

Face Wash

Refreshingly moisturizing face wash.
"Soothing skin trouble" 

High-performance face wash that can be used for acne care. Reset tired skin
quickly and protect from skin 
stress. Fine bubbles gently squeeze the skin and
turn off the dirt. 

A foam wash that is recommended especially for busy people who will give a firm feeling while using moisturizing and at the same time quickly prepare various stressed and disturbed skin conditions.
Makes it easy to make fine bubbles with plenty of beauty ingredients and removes hard-to-fall dirt.
It contains vitamin B6 that works against acne and dermatitis, panthenol that is excellent in improving rough skin, and α-glucan oligosaccharides that is excellent in restoring the skin's ecosystem balance,
and the skin that suffers from skin problems is promptly recovered. It leads to. In addition, a botanicalcomplex component consisting of four botanical extracts of spinach extract, yellow bark extract,
purple root extract, button extract, altea root extract, hybodia flower extract, and arnica flower
extract suppresses skin inflammation while keeping the skin clean The moisturizing fine particle collagen and Na Hyaluronate, which is superior in moisturizing ability, and nanovitamin E / A, which works
from the back of the skin to promote firmness and elasticity, are combined with the wash and lead to
a soft and supple bare skin.

All in One Essense

High level skin care is OK with this one. 

All-in-one essence that protects the skin well from skin troubles, while fully
satisfying important skin moisture with plenty of fine moisture.

It is an all-in-one type of essence that can perform high-level skin care to sensitive skin and aging
care measures while promoting normalizing the skin function while simultaneously filling the skin with plenty of fine quality. Skin vitality is formulated by combining five growth factors (5G) that
strongly accelerates the normalization of turnover, α-glucan oligosaccharides that quickly adjust the
condition of the skin surface, and panthenol (provitamin B5) that is excellent for repairing rough skin. 
Along with enhancing, also protects well from skin problems. In addition,water-soluble proteoglycan,
wo kinds of placenta extract, penetration type fine particle collagen, sodium hyaluronate, polyglutamic acid and other excellent moisturizing ingredients are abundantly formulated to promote fresh
moisture and supple firmness. In addition, hybrid rose flower extract, nano-vitamin C, and a blend of
ingredients to ​improve the transparency such as arbutin leads to a clear and transparent skin.

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